About Web Feet Web Services

Web Feet Web Services are the data-driven customer focused management and delivery of your message online. This includes website development, content creation, organic search ranking and online advertising. Combined, these components make up online marketing.

In January 2001, Web Feet was founded in San Luis Obispo, CA as Web Feet Integrated Marketing (hence the "IM" in the website name). At that time they were a full service design and marketing firm. Over the years Web Feet has narrowed it's focus to the online marketing environment. An early adopter of the World Wide Web and it's potential Web Feet has evolved with the web. This gives Web Feet a unique perspective with deep roots in online marketing and a wide perspective of the marketing universe.

Web Feet still uses an integrated approach in applying marketing to the online arena. As the online marketing terrain changes constantly the data-based based model used by Web Feet continues to prove its worth. First, Web Feet develops a profile of your ideal client, your competition, your goals and website needs. Sometimes an existing website can be upgraded to compete online and achieve your goals, often it is necessary to start fresh especially if a website is not mobile friendly. Though marketing challenges share common components Web Feet starts with a clean slate for each project and customizes every client's solution.

Now in their fifteenth year, Web Feet is offering Web Service as an integrated package or individual services. In addition you can retain Web Feet as a consultant and implement their recommendations yourself.

Web Feet Web Services is ready to help you compete in the online environment with SEM, SEO, website development and good old-fashioned marketing sense.