Web Feet Web Services

Website Development

Website Development is a well thought out plan executed on time that uses best practices for search engine optimization, keyword targeting and user experience. To do this we will take the time to answer some key questions:

Information Architecture

Website development also includes Information Architecture. Information Architecture is the blueprint or plan of how all of the components of a website, seen and unseen, are laid out, named and organized.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Organic Search Results: Search engines take questions (queries) from users and return answers (results). Organic results happen when the search engine matches the keyword(s) a user submits to content that it has previously indexed on the web. How your website is designed, implemented and the content it delivers are the foundations of SEO.

Online Advertising

Paid Search Results: Paid results do not rely on the search engine software to find your site, we tell it what keywords we are targeting. Through careful research, monitoring and measuring your ad can appear only at the right time in front of the right people.

Ad Placement:Text based or graphic ads are created and placed through a delivery network on other websites that have a user profile complimentary to your website's.

Content Creation

Content is what people see when they go to a website. How it is laid out and what is said is a necessary part of online marketing. Web Feet Web Services can create the content you need to be competitive online.


Website Consultation


All of the above services are available as a buffet where you can choose any or all of them as suites your needs. After goal-setting and analysis you will get a comprehensive action plan and continued support for your project.