What is Internet Marketing?

Digital Marketing Services are the data-driven customer focused management and delivery of your message online. This includes website development, content creation, organic search ranking and online advertising. Combined, these components make up online marketing.

Web Development is a process that uses best practices for search engine optimization and keyword targeting while creating a positive user experience. The fundamentals of good website development hold true for e-commerce as well as informational websites.

Content Creation includes written words, layout, graphics, and imagery. Not all website content is created equal but it does lie at the core of search engine ranking. It is important that content is engaging to the user and digestible to search engines.

Organic Search Ranking is the result of a combination of factors that include website structure, information architecture, content, and competition. A website’s rank is the direct result of the blending these four factors in the dynamic online environment.

Online Marketing includes message creation, ad placement, and measuring results. Advertising placement may be either or both search engine marketing and display ad delivery. Online advertising is not a stand alone solution and it’s success is dependent on website development, content, competition, and messaging.

Online marketing success depends on the interaction of the four components mentioned above. Web Feet Internet Marketing is available on a project or consultation basis. We can research and plan any or all of our services and complete them for you, or you can take the plan and implement it on your own with our guidance.

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